The WWE PPV Format is Bad

Alright. We have about 4 hours. Let’s cash in on 2 or 3 feuds no one cares about, put a solid title match in a pre-show that’s way too long, promote the next PPV 3 or 5 hundred times, and wrap this thing up with a heel victory. Break. Are you tired of this too? […]

Women to Watch in 2019

A True Revolution WWE made a lot of bold statements with the women’s side of the roster in 2018. Aside from Ronda’s inevitable run as champion, and Sasha and Bayley’s odd on-again-off-again relationship, we got to see the tree of revolution bare fruit. Beginning with the first ever 30-woman Royal Rumble and ending with an […]

5 Missed Opportunities in WWE (2017-2018)

Boss Time! Those Who Wait      With so much talent on you roster, unfortunate injuries, and expiring contracts, it’s nearly impossible to grab the brass ring and score a perfect ten with your stories. That doesn’t excuse not bailing when you see that something isn’t working. WWE has habitually run with ideas past their expiration […]